Insane grind for the 100% rakeback at Partypoker

The recently introduced Diamon Club Elite VIP Level offers incredible cash backs for the players and some of them took on the opportunity, taking grinding on another level.

As one of the biggest and most recognized online poker operators, GVC's Partypoker was already one of the most popular online poker rooms amongst the players, but with their new VIP level, which makes it possible for players to earn 100% rakeback for a whole year, they got the interests of some of the most dedicated grinders.

The Diamond Club Elite offers all players who generate $200K of rake in a twelve-month period 60% rakeback which is very similar to what PokerStars offered before cutting on player's rake backs a few years ago. While Stars is working hard on negating players, Partypoker tries to offer them a viable alternative. The Diamond Club Elite is a part of this effort.

While each member of the DCE is guaranteed for a 60% rakeback - which is one of the highest on the market - the site sets the bar even higher. DCE members will receive valuable live and online tournament packages to the MILLIONS World in the Bahamas and the MILLIONS Online, dedicated VIP support, and other things.

What's even more, the first two players who reach the $200K will receive an incredible 100% cash back for 12 months! Some Spins grinders took the offer seriously, hit the grind button and never looked back! The players 'sp0ubledy' and 'SunnyBooy' were going had to head for weeks, but now the former seems to gain an advantage over his biggest rival.

In less than two months, 'sp0ubledy' and 'SunnyBooy' managed to generate $187,731.40 and $164,918.03 of rake respectively. Even though with a significant gap, 'arianaGrande7' is also on an insane grind, with $117,193.18.

The race is not over yet, but considering the pace of these crazy grinders, we'll probably inform you about them hitting the $200,000 shortly. Stay tuned for the updates!