Introducing the Moneybookers MasterCard

With the Moneybookers MasterCard, you can can access your Moneybookers account funds anywhere at any time, either it be from an ATM or a direct purchase. Anyone who is over 18 and resides within the EU and has a verified Moneybookers account can request this unique MasterCard. The card can be used at more than 1 million ATMs around the world and more than 28.5 million shops and restaurants. The daily limit is €250 for money withdrawals and €1000 for purchases.

Moneybookers Mastercard

The Moneybookers MasterCard currently supports the following currencies: EUR, ESD, GBP and PLN. If your account is of one of these currencies, you will automatically receive your spanking new card according to the given currency, and if you happen to have a different currency account, you are able to choose from the above listed. In the latter case, Moneybookers deducts a 1.99% exchange rate. All withdrawals will have a €1.8 fee, the yearly cost of the card is €10 and another €10 if the card happens to get stolen. No fees are deducted for shopping.

Daily limits
Money withdrawal: €250
Shop purchases: €1,000

Money withdrawal: €1.8
Yearly cost: €10
Card replacement: €10
Currency exchange: 1.99%

The card can be ordered online through your your Moneybookers account by clicking on ’My Account’ and selecting ’My MasterCard’ option. A color copy of your ID, passport or driver’s licence is required and needs to be attached in order to complete the request.

The card and the PIN code belonging to it will be sent to your place of residency separately (for security reasons). After receiveing your card, it can be activated via the Moneybookers ’My MasterCard’ tab.