Introducing One of the Best Inventions in the World

Andes, being one of the leading beer brands in Argentina, has now come up with an idea never seen before. They have invented a special booth, called the Teletransporter.

The Teletransporter will make Argentinian men’s lives much easier from now on. They will not have to argue with their girlfriends or family about going to the bar again.

This is how it works:

Let’s say you’re at a bar, having drinks with your friends and your phone suddenly starts ringing. It is your girlfriend and ONCE AGAIN you forgot you were supposed to have dinner with her parents. The solution is as easy as it can get: just step into the Teletransporter situated in the corner of the bar, choose a suitable environment (the hospital, for example) and answer the phone. All you have to do is make up a relative with a serious illness that you are visiting and the Teletransporter will handle the rest. How comfortable is that?