Isildur1 is Back on the High Stakes Heads-up Scene and Winning Big Again

Swedish online poker pro Viktor Blom, who's better known as "Isildur1" is back in the high stakes heads-up circuit. By battling one-on-one mostly against German pro RaulGonzales in PLO and 8-game he's reached his all-time high in cash game winnings on PokerStars last month at $3.26 million - he added $1.75 million to his winnings in a mere month. He's currently just over $3 million in profit, his lowest was minus 1.89 million in February 2015. 

Isildur's is arguably the most famous story in online poker: an "archetypal" narrative with giant, awe-inspiring up- and downswings culminating in him beating Tom "Durrrr" Dwan in heads-up NLHE, taking about $5 million from him on the "up side"; and in a 4-hour PLO heads-up session against "Stinger88" Hastings that ended with Isildur losing $4.2 million on the "down side". It's still debated whether Hastings's victory over Blom was fair since he got hand histories on Isildur1 that he had not played against him from two other poker players.

Those games were played years ago. Now, Isildur1 is back on a winning streak - he hit his all-time peak last month on PokerStars at $3.26 million in profit.

He's mostly been playing German pro RaulGonzales in $1K/$2K 8-game cash games, but he also played some exclusively PLO and 2-7 triple draw cash game sessions. With RaulGonzales he's had his ups and downs again, in one session losing as much as $370K to him, but overall his bankroll been going up consistently on Stars. Is another big downfall coming soon?