Isilduritos - Viktor Blom Photoshop Thread

I already had a post like this in May, but it is so much fun, I cannot leave this out. There is a 2+2 forum thread called 'Blom photoshop potential'. In it, a user called 'ShortstackCat' posted 3 pictures of Viktor Blom at the poker table, encouraging fellow users to exploit and 'remix' the photos using Photoshop. The last compilation featuring Phil Ivey was hilarous, this one is also really good, I selected a few for you below:

 blom original
This is one of the original photos


jonK blom
An awesome remix by JonK


breakfast blom
Posted by chardonis


blom playing
Another brilliant one by chardonis


scarface blom
And again, chardonis


Emodur by TheRealIABoomer


sleepy blom
Posted by schemata


And finally, Isilduritos, by JimmyLegs

If you can't have enough and want to see the new pictures that are under way, or interested in the rest, visit the whole thread at 2+2.