It Is Never too Early to Start Playing Poker

This statement has once again been proved by a very-very young girl, aged 7, to be precise.

Alexa Fisher was born in Cibolo, Texas, a tiny town close to San Antonio, where she lives and plays poker with her parents and younger sister.
Alexa has already been featured on TV shows, including a San Antonio morning TV program, called Great Day SA, was profiled in the Las Vegas Tradeshow Lifestyle newspaper and online magazines like

Alexa Fisher
Alexa at this year's WSOP

She has also participated in a live tournament in Texas, which was a $30 buy-in charity event for Homes for Pets. She instantly became a celebrity at the tournament by outlasting more than half of the player base, including her own father.

Alexa is an exceptional student at Sippel Elementary School, where all the teachers know that she is playing poker at home.
At the age of 3, Alexa started showing interest towards poker and maths, when her father started to teach her to count by showing her cards. “Her math skills went through the roof”, her father says.

By the age of four, Alexa was already playing No Limit Hold’em with her father, shuffling, dealing, raising, checking and calling, and even bluffing sometimes.
After that, she got introduced to all the other variations of poker, including limit and pot-limit games, badugi, double flop hold’em, crazy pineapple and triple-draw lowball.

Alexa’s father pays great attention to her studies, as well; she is not allowed to play at night or before she has done her homework. Alexa now has her own bank account, with her first bigger cash game winning being $42, and her first major loss $25, while in Vegas at this year’s WSOP.

In this picture, we can see her in dedicated WSOP clothing, signed by her favorite poker pros, including Annie Duke, Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and Vanessa Hellabuyck.

I am really hoping to see Alexa at the 2024 WSOP Main Event, when she will officially be allowed to compete in a poker tournament.

Small poker girl