Jake Cody takes down High Roller for $60,000 - bets all of it on roulette

Jake Cody was the last man standing of the Partypoker UK Championship High Roller in Dusk till Dawn casino. What he did after, is a bit outside of the box.

Jake, who has more than $4.4 million in total earnings hasn't hit a big score since 2015, when he got fifth at EPT 11 Main Event in London for $215,000 but this apparently doesn't bother him, as he casually took his winnings, walked to the roulette table and put all of it on black. Owner of Dusk till Dawn casino, Rob Yong did the honors, he span the wheel himself, and the ball landed on...

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After a four-way chop, Jake Cody put his entire £42,670 on black! Video credit: Ant Samuel.