Jake Schindler is the Partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final €100K Super High Roller Champion

The highest buy-in tournament of the 2018 Partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona has come to its end, with the high-roller regular taking it down. Jake beat one of the biggest winners of 2018, Stephen Chidwick. The American pro outlasted a field of 48 to win the €1,750,000 first prize. 

The final day of the two-day tournament started with 11 players and since there were only 6 places paid, none of them was guaranteed a dime for their efforts yet. The first player to leave the tables was Germany's Dominik Nitsche, who lost a coin flip with sevens against the Ace-jack of Partypoker's Team Pro, Jason Koon. He was followed by fellow German grinder, Koray Aldemir and the unofficial final table of 9 was set.

Online high-stakes boss Mikia "fish2013" Badziakouski was the first to bust on the final table. Mikita found himself on the wrong side of a huge cooler, holding Ace-king against Bryn Kenney, who got dealt pocket aces. The last member of the German crew, Steffen Sontheimer finished 8th. He also played a coin flip, against Chidwick for his last chips.

Steffen: As Kd
Stephen: Tc Ts

Board: Th Td 9h 3s 9d

The flop was pretty safe for Chidwick, as he flopped quads, while Sontheimer was out of the competition.

The bubble burst when Keith Tilston lost a race with pocket sixes against Jason Koon, who had King-seven and managed to spike a seven on the turn, meaning all of the remaining six players were guaranteed a €240K min-cash. Poker veteran, Erik Seidel was the next player to leave, after being unable to outdraw the Ace-ten of Chidwick's with Ace-five. Bryn followed Erik soon after. He fell victim of Schindler's. Stephen Chidwick finished off Jason Koon, reducing a field to only three.

Founder of Bioderma, Jean-Noel Thorel of France was trying to battle it out against the pros but eventually fell in 3rd place, booking his second six-figure score in Barcelona. The talented recreational player has now almost $4 million in career earnings (we're talking about poker only, guys).

A two-hour battle started between the two high-rollers, who were both guaranteed a seven-figure score, but the €650,000 difference between first and second was probably a good reason not to lean back. Jake finally managed to overcome his peer in a hand that started with 175K/350K blinds. Schindler opened to 875K and Chidwick called.

On the flop of Ad 4s 2s the latter check/called 500K and check-raised the 5c turn. Jake called.

The 7s on the river was good enough for Stephen to move in and Jake decided to call it off. All Chidwick had was a Queen-high (Qs6h) while Schindler had a straight with As3h.

The champion increased his total earnings to $17,771,578 wit this €1.75 million win, while the Englishman has more than $14 million in total cashes.

Final results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Jake Schindler USA €1,750,000
2 Stephen Chidwick England €1,100,000
3 Jean-Noel Thorel France €7260,000
4 Jason Koon USA €500,000
5 Bryn Kenney USA €340,000
6 Erik Seidel USA €240,000