Jason Mercier Accuses Fernando Rosas of Cheating at OFC Poker

 A scandal erupted on the 2+2 Forum: Fernando “relaxursoul” Rosas started a thread with the title “Jason Mercier spreads unfounded cheating accusations”, where he complains that Mercier falsely alleges he’s winning big at online high stakes Open-face Chinese Poker (OFC) because of software manipulation.

OFC has been popular with poker players lately and is either played live or on an app called “Pineapple!”. The conflict came when Jason Mercier’s wife, Natasha played Rosas live and noticed the wide discrepancy between his performance on the app and at the live table. On Pineapple, Rosas has been virtually unbeatable, but live he’s made embarrassingly big mistakes.  

He ascribes this to the fact that it was his first time playing in person, and there’s a lot of calculations the app does for you when playing online. 

However, Mercier remained unconvinced, and posted on the thread himself, saying: 


It's extremely odd to me that you decide to post what you have heard from ppl that I have allegedly said about you, instead of asking me (or Natasha) about this ‘rumor’ that we are spreading. If you have known about this for 5 months as you say, why wouldn't u approach me? (…)

I don't think you have a bot, I personally think you are just cheating somehow. A bot would actually lose to a lot of ppl. Even a bot that plays 100% perfect every street would probably lose to 10-15% of the players assuming theses players are pretty good. That's the variance of ofc as u are clearly stating yourself.

Why I think u are somehow cheating... 

-No one beats u on the app (at least that I know of, I guess christoph beat u during PCA, maybe you were playing a square game in front of each other or u didn't have access to whatever computer or apparatus you use for cheating ). 

-U can't win live- lost at pca. Lost in Vegas. Lost to Natasha in 5 different forms of ofc live 

-Natasha has told me massive mistakes you have made live. Such as playing AA88 in the middle and queen high up top while in fantasyland (this was in your first live session). For those of you who aren't familiar with OFC, 88 up top is worth 3 points... This is not a mistake anyone who has any sense of basic basic OFC could even possibly make.”

His list doesn’t end there, you can read his whole post here.

On Twitter pro poker player Shaun Deeb also chimed in, and directly accused another player, Jaclynn Moskow of cheating at OFC, tweeting at her “keep cheating at Ofc you’ll go far in poker”; to which she replied “A part of me is proud of myself (unfamiliar emotion) for so hard at a game people genuinely believe I’m a hacker. Weird life.”