Joe Ingram alleges sexual harassment at the Rio

In his latest video, ChicagoJoey alleges sexual harassment by the cell phone charger salesmen, but the owner of the company thinks otherwise.

“The cell phone charger and headphone salespeople at the Rio World Series of Poker 2018 must be stopped,” starts Joey. “The verbal and sexual harassment that has been going on for these first few days of the World Series of Poker 2018 cannot go on any longer. Anyone that’s been at the World Series of Poker this year or in recent years has had to deal with these annoying-ass cell phone charger, cell phone salespeople in the hallway constantly yelling about their cell phone chargers.”

According to Joey, a number of women have talked to him about their negative experiences with the aggressive salesperson.

Kristy Arnett also reacted to the allegations, with her own story: “I actually just left the Rio feeling super uncomfortable from these dudes. It feels bad, honestly, but sadly, I didn't think much of it. Just kept walking. Thank you for saying something.”

Ingram believes, the WSOP has to protect its players from this kind of mocking, harassing behavior. Seth Panasky, Caesars vice president of corporate communications also reacted: “We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment,” said Panasky. “We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment,” “We have spoken to the company and made them aware of the allegations and have put them on notice. We are adding additional surveillance coverage as well in this area to have additional eyes.”

The owner of the company in question, iGadget Planet, Mark Agarunov denied the allegations, as he said: “It’s lies, 100 percent. If one of my employees did something wrong, then I will be happy to place a report with the police about it.”

Watch the full video here: