Joe Ingram opens up about depression

In his recent podcast with Doug Polk, 'ChicagoJoey' opened up about his fear and weaknesses to his good friend.

Joe Ingram and Doug Polk need no introduction to the poker fans. Both of them gained recognition during their careers as online poker players and then they went on to build Youtube channels with six-figure follower bases. The two are well-known for being outspoken members of the poker community, not shying away from addressing issues other 'influencers' afraid to.

This time, however, the main topic was not related to scandals or other poker news, it was rather personal, as Joe shared his weaknesses and fears with Doug and the viewers. At one point, he even cried. Even though at the beginning of his monologue Doug thought Joe was fooling him, he quickly realized the situation and they had a deep and honest conversation about the subject Joe brought up.

During the two-hour-long podcast, they discussed several other topics. Doug expressed his view on streaming, claiming that it's not a sustainable career, as it's a "winner-take-all" game, where a few streamers have the vast majority of the viewership. This claim created a heated debate on Twitter with several well-known streamers dropping their two cents in. 

Jaime Staples on Twitter

I disagree @DougPolkPoker . I think the large majority of streamers don't need to or even aspire to have a massive audience. Like having 100 viewers and the rev that comes from that is success. The bar you are setting for what is 'worthwhile' is relative to your level of success.

Watch the full video below: