Jon Van Fleet wins $1,027,000 at PartyPoker

American pro Jon "sordykrd" Van Fleet won the very first PartyPoker Online MILLIONS.

Viktor "Isildur1" Blom got eliminated in 10th place. 25 players remained on Day 3 of the $5,300 Online MILLIONS. "FilthyTrousers" was leading the star-studded field. One of the biggest names was Viktor "Isildur1" Blom, but he busted in 10th place, right before the final table.

The first player out from the FT was in "INFINITY", followed by "FilthyTrousers" shortly after. He went all-in from the small blind with his remaining 50 million chips on the blind level of 1,500,000/3,000,000-375,000. Jon Van Fleet called from the big blind.

FilthyTrousers: 7c :4c
sordykrd: Qh Jh

Board: 6c Js Tc Ah Qs

Sordy took down the pot with two pairs. BOOMALOOM_ and karamazovbros fell in 6th and 5th place. The four-handed game started N0-|PTRI4|2l in the chiplead, followed by sordykrd, LendaMerienda and SandwichBacon in this order. LendaMerienda got 4th, after shoving his 115 million on the level of 2.5M/5M-625k with A4o from the small blind. N0-|PTRI4|2I woke up with queens in the big blind and made an instant call.
The board bricked out meaning N0-|PTRI4|2I could collect the pot while LendaMerienda his $294k prize.

SandwichBacon left the table in 3rd place, losing his last chips to sordykrd holding Ks 3s against sordykrd's pocket tens.

sordykrd - 626,325,470
N0-|PTRI4|2I - 399,174,530

Sordy managed to dominate during the heads-up play and the tournament was over soon, after the following hand:

sordykrd: As Qd
N0-|PTRI4|2I: Kc Jd
Board: 4d 3d 5h 8d 8s

Jon "sordykrd" Van Fleet won the title of the PartyPoker Online MILLIONS and the first prize of $1,027,000.