Judge tosses Leon's counterclaims against Matt Kirk

The latest round in the Leon Tsoukernik Matt Kirk fight has ended, as the judge dismissed the countersuit from Leon. However, it's not even close to the end yet.

The ongoing saga between the two high-stakes gamblers started after a nosebleed heads-up battle from last May, when the Czech casino owner, Leon lost a total of $3 million to Australian high-stakes players, Matt Kirk. After the match, Leon said he's not willing to pay his debt to Matt and the latter went to the court for his money. Kirk's case was dropped after the judge ruled that the gambling debt is not enforceable but the Aussie gambler is still trying to get justice under claims of "fraudalent inducement" and "unjust enrichment".

The second round kicked off with a countersuit from Leon, where he stated, that Matt and Aria Casino - where the battle was taking place - took advantage of him. He claimed that the casino stuff "over-served" him alcohol and also "prevented" his friends to remove him from the table.

Now it looks like Leon is not luckier than his villain, as his lawsuit met a similar response. District Judge Linda Bell ordered his lawyers to pay legal fees for Kirk's attorneys, Richard Schonfeld and David Chesnoff. However, she also gave Tsoukernik another opportunity, as she allowed his lawyers, Lesley Miller and Peter Bernhard to "play another legal hand if they could find a new angle".

The high-profile owner of King's Casino, Rozvadov argued that Kirk and Aria casino colluded and he didn't know where Matt got the money to play the uber-high stakes. The judge had a different opinion about this topic: “What does that matter, if he’s an independent poker player, where he gets his money from?” the judge said. “That’s not something that any person gambling is required to tell any other person gambling. How can on the face that be fraud?”

Leon had also named Aria casino as a defendant but the judge dismissed this claim too, saying the Gaming Control Board is to decide this issue.

It looks like the high-stakes court battle won't be finished in the near future. Stay tuned, for the updates!