Jungleman is the new Dan Bilzerian

Daniel "Jungleman12" Cates is not only a winner at the poker tables, but apparently in life as well.

Dan Cates needs no introduction, he's been a consistent crusher in online and live cash games in the past years. Cates is a regular participant in the biggest cash games all around the world, whether it's the Bobby's Room in Las Vegas or a private game in Asia.

Dan is rumored to have tens of millions in lifetime winnings (he's one of the biggest winners online, with a recorded profit of $11 million+). When he's not at the table, his traveling the world, or Tweeting hilarious stuff on his Twitter page. As he disclosed with Jeff Gross in a recent podcast, he's in an open relationship with his beautiful Romanian girlfriend, and it looks like the "Jungle" enjoys surrounding himself with incredible hot (and naked) women.

A photo from an unknown source started circulating on the internet and people are amazed by the level of awesomeness, Cates is representing.

Another picture of "p*ssyJungle"

According to the little information about the picture, Jungleman is in Cannes, France, where he's rumored to be a big winner (in poker too) and somehow managed to jump into the French Playboy bunny celebrations.

Joe Ingram was one of the loudest fans of the picture, posting about it on Instagram and even opening a Reddit thread. Others went even further saying "Jungleman" is the new Dan Bilzerian in poker. Bilzerian and Cates had a recent beef on Twitter regarding another topic, but so far the "King of Instagram" hasn't reacted to Cates' photo.

Unlike "Blizz", we already have an official statement: we're jealous AF!