Kimberly Lansing is Back Hosting the WPT

In an earlier video we saw Kimberly Lansing announcing to return to the WPT TV show. Now it is time to present you a short bio on the compelling beauty of poker.

According to her official website, Kimberly graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and was first employed as entertainment journalist by Associated Press and Us Weekly. The next stop for her was right on the top of the industry: the People magazine. In addition, she appears on screen at WireImage, Cosmo Celebrity TV and, interviewing red carpet celebrities.

Kimberly Lansing
Kimberly Lansing

’Being in love’ with poker since her former boyfriend prompted her to play, she immediately took an offer to host OnGame Network’s Poker Classic in 2005. Two years later, according to, her beauty and charm gained her the interest of the WPT, and the company eventually created her the position of ‘online hostess’, launching the show into new heights. Kimberly’s personality, style and looks made it more interesting, exciting and fun.

Her popularity with the poker community resulted in being invited to host the WPT TV show with her long-time friend Layla Kayleigh. After some break, now she is back doing what she admittedly likes the most: “In poker, there's really nothing uncomfortable about it. We are talking about the game, were talking about a sport, if you will, or a game that people love and do for a living as well.”

Here is a late example of her works, interviewing Moritz Kranich, winner of the WPT Bellagio Cup VI. By the way, Kimberly’s fiancé, Zach Hyman became the Cup’s final table bubble boy, being eliminated in 7th place.