The latest poker beef: Schwartz vs Galfond?

Known of his abrupt manner, Luke "FullFlush" Schwartz blasts Phil Galfond after the latter's failed heads-up challenge.

As we reported earlier, Phil Galfond's high-profile PLO challenge against PLO crusher "VeniVidi1993" became a disaster for the former PLO end boss, as he dropped more than €900K in less than 10,000 hands to his mystery opponent.

As usual, Galfond took to Twitter after their latest session to express his thoughts and feelings while also announced he's suspending the challenge. While most of the poker community accepted Phil's decision, there were some people, whose responses were rather unpleasant.

The loudest of them all was fellow poker pro, Luke "fullflush1" Schwartz, who made a "Galfond-style" tweet throwing his two cents in. In his tweet, Luke called Galfond a "washed up nice guy" and his explanation a "delusional run bad theory"

More interestingly, Luke disclosed a future match between himself and Phil, which Galfond later seemingly confirmed.

Showing once again, how calm and nice he is, "OMGClayAiken" managed to end the conversation in friendly terms. Naturally, other well-known players have also joined the thread, adding some pretty funny comments to the soap opera.