Lauren Kling and the WSOP

Lauren Kling is a magnificent 23 years old poker player, freshly graduated from Berkeley. She admits to have been playing poker for five years now, but she only started playing live tournaments about a year ago.

Her career winnings exceed $300,000 and show a steadily rising pattern. She has taken  part in four events at this year’s WSOP and reached the money bubble in two of them, which is a pretty good ratio. And, most importantly, she is still in the competition for a Main Event title.

Lauren Kling

Miss Kling started very confidently, built her stack up to around 300K, but, following several unlucky hands, she is currently standing at 68K, which is barely more than 10 big blinds.

All in all, Lauren will need to pull herself together and also get Lady Luck on her side if she wants to stay alive in the Main Event, but she is already ITM, which in itself is an outstanding result.

Lauren starts Day 5 seated at Table 331. Here are the players at her table, along with their chip counts, updated around 3 hours ago:

Dwyen Ringbauer (255000)
Jacob Petersen (91000)
Daniel Harkenrider (149000)
Guy Thomas (779000)
Lauren Kling (68000)
Gary Haimon (83000)
Bartolome Peters (669000)
Gabriel Nassif (446000)
Javed Abrahams (165000)

I am quite confident that there are a lot of people out there who would like to see this gorgeous and witty player in action on the remaining days of the Main Event, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for her!

Below, you can view a video interview with Lauren, made by Raw Vegas