Lauren Kling, The Blonde Poker Beauty

Born in 1986, Lauren Kling is one of the most beautiful characters in today's poker scene, and one of the most talented female players as well. She started playing poker when she was 18, but only registered to online poker rooms at the age of 21, of course. Her nickname is 'locoencabeza' on PokerStars, 'locoenlacabeza' on Full Tilt, and 'supermodl' on UB. 

Her all-time live poker career winnings reach $91,000, with her biggest win being $24,079, won by placing 565th in this year's WSOP Main Event. 

Her most notable live results include a 3rd place at the WSOP Caesars Palace Circuit Event, a 63rd place at the WPT LA Poker Classic and a 104th place at the NAPT Deep Stack Extravaganza. 

Her most important online results include a 9th place in Full Tilt Poker's 2009 FTOPS Main Event for $27,856 and a fourth place in the Sunday Mulligan for $20,491.

Lauren Kling

The real breakthrough for Lauren came in 2010, when she managed to place 3rd in FTP's $1K Monday for $44,760. After this came her best result so far: she placed second in the UBOC $1M Championship, winning $163,244. 

When Lauren got into the final table in the UBOC tourney, she had to face the high stakes pro Corey 'Comandr_Cool' Burbick and managed to eliminate him. The key hand has been analyzed by Lauren on

Lauren Kling raised to 4,000 in middle position, and Corey Burbick made the call from the button. The flop came down SpadeA DiamondQ Diamond5, and Kling continued with a bet of 7,978.

Burbick made the call, and a DiamondT hit the turn. Kling fired 16,000, and Burbick went into the tank.

After some time had passed, Burbick then reraised all in for 53,228. Klind made the call for the additional 37,228, and the players revealed their holecards.

Klind showed Diamond7 Diamond6 for the turned flush, and Burbick showed DiamondK ClubsQ for second pair with the straight and flush draw.

The river was the HeartA, and Kling took down the 134,612 pot, sending Burbick to the rail.

You can read Lauren's analysis here

Lauren Kling

Although Lauren could not yet reach too impressive results in live tourneys, she still has plenty of time ahead of her. 

Recently graduated from Berkley, having studied engineering and business, Lauren's dream job would be starting a billion-dollar enterprise. She loves traveling, and if she won the lottery, she would spend it on a trip around the Globe with her friends.