Lex Veldhuis opens up about mental health issues

In his latest podcast, Joe Ingram sat down for a 3-hour long discussion with one of the most popular poker streamers out there.

Lex Veldhuis needs no introduction in the poker world. He's been a long-time mid-stakes cash game and tournament pro, and also a sponsored pro by PokerStars.

In addition, in the past years, Lex has become one of the most popular Twitch-steamers, he regularly streams his tournament sessions and does commentary for high-stakes events, with the likes of the Triton Series or EPTs.

Joey and Lex had a 3-hour podcast, where the two discussed a wide variety of topics, like the UFC-PokerStars partnership, streaming on Twitch, tournament strategy or Lex's mental health issues. See the full video below: