Life-changing prop bet by ChuckBassPoker

Longtime poker pro Miikka Anttonen from Finland announced what probably is the sickest prop bet of his (already prop bet-heavy) life. If he loses the bet, he needs to quit poker forever.

'ChuckBassPoker' is about to change his life - either way

Miikka aka 'ChuckBassPoker' is known in the poker community for his adventures life and crazy bets. He is mainly an MTT player, who prefers online poker, even though he also amassed more than $285,000 in live tournament earnings. He announced his bet back in September on a poker forum, where he also discussed the details of his pledge. Anttonen committed himself to play a maximum of 100 days during the 120-day-long period of the bet. He needs to turn his initial bankroll of €500 into €10,000 playing only multi-table tournaments online. While some of you might think he only needs to hit a lucky score in a bigger buy-in tournament, this is not the case, since he also needs to win at least 1000 buy-ins during the process. He states that by losing the prop bet he would go "somewhat bankrupt" and he would have to quit poker forever.

The details of the bet

Given the extreme terms of the bet, there were many players with big doubts about the chances to win the bet.

Some people think this goal is a bit too ambitious

Half of the time limit is already expired and Anttonen managed to grind his €500 starting roll up to €3,500 playing mainly €2-€5 tournaments. With a bigger bankroll now he can comfortably play higher buy-in tourneys as well meaning he can possibly speed up to increase of his capital. He plans to play games with a buy-in up to €20 in the next 60 days.

Half time updates by Miikka

The last week seems to make some damage to his bankroll, as Miikka lost more than 4 million in chips during this period. (Please note that the chart reflects tournament chips, not real value Cash

The last week's been a bit rough

What the next days bring for the Finnish grinder only the future can tell. If he manages to get out of his recent downswing he might be able to accomplish his goal. If not he also has a plan B to get a 9-to-5 job - even though his CV game probably needs some reevaluation.

Not sure if GTO

Do you think his goal is too ambitious or can he reach the €10k line? Let us know in the comments.