Liv Boeree Leaves Team UB

Liv Boeree, one of the most promising young female poker players, has officially left her former sponsor, UB. Liv is now a free agent worth a lot, and she will probably receive countless offers soon.

On the 8th July, some started talking about Liv leaving UB, because she did not wear any branded clothing when playing in the WSOP Main Event. Also, she was missing from the player lists of official UB press releases.
On UB’s main site, all data on Liv Boeree has been deleted, including her photos and blog entries.

Liv Boeree

In the beginning of July, rumors started spreading that Liv and UB would part ways, but back then, a UB spokesman told the media that they were not parting, just renegotiating.

Word is that Liv could even end up at one of the poker giants, Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars. It is also a possibility that Liv, being British, would sign with a European poker room, like PartyPoker, for instance.

Live Boeree, always known for her crazy lifestyle and passion for metal music, became internationally recognized in April, by winning the EPT San Remo event and cashing €1,250,000 (around $1.8 million at the time), the first place prize in Europe’s all-time largest poker event.

I will keep you updated on Liv’s status as soon as any news surfaces.

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