Main Event Runner-up John Racener Accused of Running Illegal Gambling Parlor

2010 World Series of Poker Main Event runner-up John Racener has met controversy after being accused of ripping off Marc Klang for $500,000.

In a post in the twoplustwo forums, self-proclaimed “degenerate” Marc Klang claimed that he had visited an underground gambling parlor run by Racener and other high-profile poker players such as Paul “Zima” Dlugozima. According to Klang, he was also offered cocaine at the scene. This, and the fact that Klang claimed to have listened to the song “Yayo” by Snootie Wild on repeat during his encounter with Racener gave the scandal the colloquial name “Yayogate”.

One of the major claims Klang made was that after winning over $500 000 on black jack, Racener refused to pay him on account of his alleged “cheating” and was told about this by a large man named Jason who had been unknown to Klang before, and whom Dlugozima referred to as a “business partner”.

Responders to Klang’s story on the forum seem to believe him and advised him to take legal action; even though previously forum members made posts accusing Klang of scamming them or owing them money.

According to Hillsborough County, Florida court records Racener has not been charged with illegal gambling or drug use; although he does have a long criminal record consisting of mainly traffic violations plus a battery and a theft case. Meanwhile Klang was brought to court for a personal debt in 2014.