The Mastermind Behind the EPT Berlin Robbery Was Arrested This Weekend

The German police arrested a man named Mohammed Abou-C, who is said to be the mastermind behind the EPT Berlin robbery.

Mohammed Abou-C
Mohamed Abou-C playing some poker

The thieves got away with €242,000 after storming into the Grand Hyatt Hotel which was hosting the EPT in Berlin. It was an easy target for the bandits, because the organizers did not pay attention to adequately protect the money which was on display in the lobby. The robbers would have stole even more if a hotel employee had not grabbed one of the bags of loot which allegedly contained over €500,000.

Shortly after the robbery the German police realeased photos of the bandits which they obtained from the hotel's video footage. In the following days one of the robbers gave himself up and named the others. After this the other robbers eventually gave themself up too. Upon being questioned about the robbery, the robbers eventually named the mastermind behind the whole operation.

The 31-year-old Mohammed Abou-C was arrested in his car in Berlin this weekend. Many were suprised to find out that Abou-C was actually competing in the EPT Berlin.