Maurice Hawkins Wins a Record 10th WSOPC Title

 The American cardplayer won the Horseshoe Council Bluff Main Event in Iowa, his 10th WSOP Circuit event where he finished first.  

Maurice Hawkins won his gold ring back in 2008 in Atlantic City, NJ. The Florida man gave up a career as a doctor to pursue poker, and it seems to have worked out for him so far, as 9 more victories followed his first one in Atlantic City, which is a new record.

There are two 9-time winners right behind him, Alexandru Masek and Valentin Vornicu.

The last ring earned him over $97,000 which puts his total live event earnings at an impressive $2.5 million dollars, over 1.1 million of which came from WSOPC events. Hawkins bought in for $1,675 this time and ended up topping the 271-player field.

"Women and men lie, numbers don’t. I don’t play for accolades. I play for money, to eat. I love accolades, but I really play to eat,"  Hawkins commented on his victory to

This mentality of his also shows when it comes to choosing the games he plays, he rarely buys in to giant high rollers. He's really good at grinding, however.

 “A poker pro named Paul Wolfe once told me that it doesn’t matter if you are a top-ten player. If you play poker with the other top ten players, then you’re just average. All of these guys are on ego trips. They are living a sad life with sad expectations. I play poker to feed my family, not to say I beat the best. I’d rather be the big fish in the small pond" - he said in an interview for Cardplayer Magazine last year.

Hawkings won the Horseshoe Counclil Bluff Main Event the second year in a row, after wininng the Monster Stack and the Main Event back-to-back last year. His impressive streak is still going.