Microgaming Head of Poker Speaks Out Against Using HUD

 Alex Scott who’s in charge of poker products at Microgaming wrote about the issue in the network’s blog, saying: “I think the tracking software has changed the game in a way that makes it less fun.”

Scott does more than talking against the issue: he’s announced that on his network from this point onward a player will not be able to save the records of a hand if he folds his cards pre-flop at a cash game table.

It allows you to gather huge amounts of data on your opponents, without requiring any significant attention or observation on your part. It allows you to exploit the weakest opponents exclusively, if you wish.” – he elaborated on his point later.

Cash game histories aren’t the only things undergoing some changes on MPN these days. In another corporate blog post a few months earlier, Jonathan Kelly unveiled their new project, SNG 2.0, which is an effort to revamp their sit & go tournaments.

First off, they removed the less popular games from the lobby – mainly not NL Hold’em games and higher stakes multi-table S&G’s.  Furthermore, the buy-ins will no longer be broken down to prize pool money and rake, just the sum; and the buy-ins of sit & go tournaments will match that of what the network offers for its scheduled tournaments.

The biggest novelty is their new “10-Minute Heads-up Format”.  The two players start with 1,500 chip stacks and a 25/50 blind level which stays the same. If there is no winner after 10 minutes, the heads-up game essentially turns into a flip tournament, where both palyers go all-in automatically every hand untill one of them wins all the chips. They're testing it on the lowest, $0.11 buy-in level. 

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