Mike Postle accused of cheating on live stream

The regular of the streamed cash games at Stones Gambling Hall is in the center of the attention after being called out by plenty, including Doug Polk and Joe Ingram.

"He's been playing for the last month, month and a half at an extra high level. It's been kind of crazy."

"How do you play against Mike P.? Answer is, you don't."

Just a few sentences by the hosts of the live stream about the relatively unknown player, Mike Postle, who was crushing these cash games for several weeks in an insane fashion. His win rate and the number of continuous winning sessions are incredible.

According to the majority of the pros, who chimed in, his poker fundamentals seem to be horrible, but he always manages to make the perfect bluff or a hero call on later streets, especially on the river. Mike's posture and behavior during the hands are also very interesting. Rather than staring down his opponents before making decisions, he consistently stares at his lap, where he allegedly holds his phone.

It was the former host of the show, Veronica Brill aka Angry_Polak who first tweeted about the suspicious plays of Hostle's and a thread on an online poker forum quickly added fuel to the fire. At this point, Joe Ingram joined the conversation and he decided to dive deeper into the question. He eventually made a five-hour-long live stream, where he went through all of the hands which were played by Mike on the stream.

It didn't take long for Doug Polk, to come out with his own video, adding his thoughts to the conversation.

The scandal got the whole community talking, with several well-known players agreeing on Mike being a scammer.


Stones Live Poker also responded to the allegations, stating they had conducted a full investigation earlier this year and found no evidence of cheating. However, they now decided to reevaluate it and announced to suspend all broadcasts and start another investigation involving outside experts this time.

Even though most of the community is certain Mike was cheating no one has enough evidence yet to prove this. As soon as there is a development in the story, we'll let you know!