Mission Accomplished - Boku87 Turns $5 into $100,000

The German PokerStars pro, Thomas ’Boku87’ Boekhoff managed to fulfil his challenge one month ahead of schedule by building a bankroll of $100,000 out of $5. The crazy multitable grinder who often plays up to 50 tables at once, started his challenge back in 2009, on the 15th June. Just this March, he managed to play an astonishing 4139 SNG-s, which calculated to 133 games per day, with his monthly earnings reaching $8,674.

Boku Challenge Completed

Boku87 first announced on the 2+2 forum on the 19th May the following statement:
"challenge successfully completed Smile
Will post screenshot of bankroll and graphs tomorrow"

Profit chart:

Boku87 Profit Chart

Number of SNGs played:

Boku87 SNGs Chart

Boku87's PokerStars cashier:

Boku87 Challenge

In 2009 Boku87 has completed another challenge, when he made a cool $10,000 out of $100 in 15 days.