Mizrachi: Back on Top

After experiencing a series of bad luck in poker and getting deeper and deeper in debt, Michael Mizrachi is once again close to the top of the poker world by gaining a seat at the WSOP Main Event final table. Should Mizrachi finish 1st or 2nd, he can grab the first position of the world rankings from Phil Ivey. In addition, in the former case he can also beat Frank Kassela to the WSOP 2010 Player of the Year title.

Michael Mizrachi
Michael Mizrachi

After winning WPT events in 2005 and 2006 and gaining around $7 million in 5 years, Mizrachi fell short on luck in 2009 and Q1 2010, earning a modest $335,000 on tournaments and losing most of his money on other poker games. He accumulated a considerable debt and had two of his real estates confiscated just before the WSOP 2010.

The tournament, however, seems to have solved his problems: performing excellently, he won the $50,000 Players Championship, went ITM three times and accumulated a sum of $1,700,000. He also made it to the November Nine; currently in the 7th position, he has all the chances to win the finale, but is already guaranteed an amount of $811,823.

Mizrachi’s return to the elite has been met with surprise on the media side but most professionals believe it was the pressure upon him behind his successes. “I usually win tournaments when things go really bad” Mizrachi said. He is also fond of being 7th out of the Nine: “I’m happy to start the finale with few chips, as I have a greater chance to win this way.”

Four Mizrachi brothers entered the Main Event in all, all of them making it to Day 4, which is an outstanding result. As the event progressed, though, less and less of them remained, but with Michael getting to the final table, the family can be as proud as satisfied with the boys’ performance.

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