Money stuck on Win Cake Poker - RedLudmilla interview

RedLudmilla has been trying to get his money back for 1,5 years, that he won at a room called Win Cake, which was formerly known as Cake Poker. From this interview, you can get to know his story.

RedLudmilla has been a member for years, but 1,5 years ago, he encountered a problem that many players struggled with: Cake Poker wouldn't pay out his winnings

RedLudmilla started a long battle to get his money back. Even though he managed to get part of his money back with the help of, at this point he believes there is no chance that he will ever get the full sum back.

Below you can read RedLudmilla's story, and how the infamous Cake Poker handled the case.

When did you first deposit to Win Cake (formerly known as Cake Poker)? How much did you play, and did you consider this as your primary room?

Even after 1,5 years I can easily remember the date: May 31, 2014. I wouldn't say it was my primary room, but there was a time period when I played here the most.

After Black Friday several rooms had withdrawal issues, including Cake Poker. When did the problem occur for you? How much money was stuck in the room?

It's the easiest if I start right from the beginning. Like many, I also had funds stuck on Full Tilt. When the site reopened, I started to build a bankroll there. It went pretty well until the aforementioned day, May 31. I lost almost my whole bankroll, around $7,000-$8,000

That's when I got the idea to switch rooms, and try my old "gold mine", Cake Poker again. By the end of the day I won back what I lost on Full Tilt, and even turned a profit. The bankroll was roughly $9,800, this is what got stuck.

At first, how did you try to find a solution? What did the support team say?

After 1 week it started to become strange that my money has not arrived yet. I started to read about the room on the forums and on the 2+2 forums, and after this I contacted the support team. The Cake support system worked with the usual 2-3 automated messages. And what did they say, why didn't my money arrive? Well, they used pretty much every excuse, the only thing they didn't wanna write was the truth...

After this, I tried to settle the matter in a more official way. I asked one of my old lawyer friends, to help me in the case. After 2-3 official letters they sent me $3,000, then just silence.

Later, you turned to, and we tried to help. Cake's withdrawal manager told you to stop the pending withdrawal requests, and ask for a new withdrawal with a smaller sum, and once you get it, try again with a smaller sum and so on. How exactly did it happen? What did you think of this proposal? Did you manage to get some of your money back?

If I remember correctly, I turned to after about 1 year of waiting. Unfortunately, you can't do a miracle either, and after two withdrawals ($1000 and $500) the payments stopped once again.

We promised you that in case the matter is not resolved by August 30, we will give you a chance to share your story with the public. We also notified Cake Poker regarding this matter, who promised to prioritize your case, but asked us to wait a couple of weeks. What happened during this timeframe?

Stonewalling and promises. I already got used to this from Cake Poker.

Your issue has been going on for a year and a half. How did you live with the situation? What is your opinion regarding Cake Poker's attitude regarding the matter. 

I think everyone can understand my situation, so I think it's unnecessary to use modalities. I talked about this with one of my friends last week. Which one is worse? Winning a $10,000 pot, believing it's yours, then spend 1,5 years believing you will get your money back? Or losing $10,000 in an unlucky hand. He obviously chose the won pot. But experiencing all this, while working a job, and having your whole family having to grind through have to wonder.

Are you planning on making any further steps in the case? What do you expect from the future?

In the last 1,5 years I pretty much read everything there was to read in the topic. My situation is defenceless, since there are no bodies who could notify Cake Poker of it's shortcomings.

We are talking about a site that is licensed in Latin America and registered in Cyprus. If you ask support who you are actually "talking" to, they will give a fake name, even if you threaten them.

To sum it up: I see no chance of getting any money back from this site. Officially, I'm planning to take my charges to the official Hungarian gambling body, and the police.

Thank you for the interview! We hope that you can get your money back!

I'm very grateful for the opportunity. I hope other people will learn from my story. and would like to take this chance to warn players to choose their rooms very carefully. In every room review we make, we publish a reliability index, this is a good starting point. It's also important to stay wary after depositing aswell, since the changes regarding rooms could also have an effect on the numbers of the reliability index.