Myths or science - the truth behind the poker face

Many people consider the poker face the most critical tool of a professional gambler. Are they right?

Almost all of the casual discussions about poker involve the topic of poker face. Even the less experienced people know that you can't let your face or body language reflect your emotions when you play poker. This is absolutely right, and there's no question about it. However, there is much more to talk about here.

Keys of winning

Maximizing your winnings and minimizing your losses are essential if you want to achieve success at the green felt. The strategy you choose and your body language are equally important, but you also have to make sure you don't miss out on any off-table value. The importance of comps and bonuses the casinos offer is often underrated by the casual player, even though they can significantly impact your bottom line.

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Reading tells

Walking around poker rooms and looking at your peers' facial expressions and body language can help a lot! There are plenty of tells you can pick up on if you gain some experience! Inexperienced gamblers think they should try to act in specific ways to fool their opponents. This is not a good strategy. It's impossible always to balance your "face game," and it will lead to your opponents taking advantage of you instead of the opposite unless you do it the right way.

If you think you know better, just observe the best players in the world. If guys like Stephen Chidwick, Mike McDonald, or Phil Ivey choose this strategy, you better stick to it as well!

Mike McDonald

What is the right way, you might ask. It's more simple than you would think, but it's also much harder than you'd think at first! What you need to do is always keep a straight face, always move your chips the same way regardless of your holdings. Like the top players mentioned above, looking like an emotionless robot will help you make money at the tables – you can start smiling after the game is over!

You're not an actor, so don't try to look sad when you have the goods and forget about staring at your opponent to prevent them from betting when you're weak.

Long poker sessions can be tiring, but you should always try to sit tall and never make changes to your posture or behavior because those will affect your face's micro-expressions. It's dangerous because if you do it the wrong way, you won't realize it, but the seasoned pros at your table will cruelly take advantage of even the smallest tells. A good physique and a healthy bankroll will help you hide your emotions and avoid giving away information.

Working out, meditating, cold showers, and clean eating are usually considered keys for a balanced life by the most successful people in the world, and the gambling business is no different. A winning gambler is known for his sober lifestyle, calm behavior, fit body, and clear mind.

Work hard, play smart, and don't forget to enjoy the journey along the way! Good luck gamblers!