Never too Late to Pump Iron - A 72 Years Old Bodybuilder

In our day-and-age where obesity has unfortunately become a global pandemic, one man is showing us that self-discipline can be the key to living a healthy lifestyle, even at old age. The 72 year old former ‘Mr. America’ Jim Morris is turning heads and dropping jaws with his ripped and buff body, leaving many speechless.

Jim who has been bodybuilding for close to a century now is showing no sign of slowing down. He has a strict work out which he abides by and manages to fit in all in an hour a day, six days a week. But this is not all; Jim also watches what he eats as well. His diet consists of a vegetarian’s line up of vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts and he does his best to avoid all meats and cheeses. For all his hard efforts over time, Jim has the health and physique of a 20 year old. 

Being 72 hasn’t slowed down Jim and over his life he has accomplished some impressive things such as:

  • In 1973, won the title of Mr. America
  • Being the oldest man ever to be featured in the Iron Man magazine
  • Secured first place in the over-60 category at the Mr. Olympia Masters

When ask how Jim felt when he hit the grand age of 72 he replied "I feel fabulous, honestly, I don't take any medications, I don't have any pain. All my joints are wonderful."

Jim is a good inspiration for all of us. His never give up attitude towards his body and health shows us that we can all make a difference on the lifestyle we live, to influence the outcome we become, no matter what our age is.

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