New Stats from PTR - The Greeks are the Biggest Fish in 2010

PokerTableRatings (PTR) has introduced a new feature on their website. Their 'Top Poker Countries' section shows you which nation's players are to be avoided at the online poker tables, and it also provides details on which country has the biggest fish.

PTR's new list, named 'Top Poker Countries' currently contains statistics of Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker players, but more poker sites are to be added later on. They have collected details of around 9,663 players and 49,389,675 hands for every country. The list has a full, a yearly, a monthly and a weekly view. I had a closer look at the yearly list.

Top Poker Countries according to Poker Table Ratings

In order to see which country is the weakest or strongest in terms of poker, I have used the $/100 index (this is how much a country's player loses or wins on average in 100 hands). I have not taken into consideration nations, where the details came from less than 1000 players, as these statistics are not prompt enough. Sudan, for example, would take a very fine position with its $0.83 profit, but these stats are made up of only two player's results, which include 21,081 hands played and $176 profit generated.

Of course, all the countries with more than a 1000 players show negative results. Ukraine came out on top, their index being $-0.14, 11,397players, 69,220,314 hands, which means it would be our best bet to try to avoid Ukranian players. If we click on the name of the country, PTR shows us the TOP 50 winners from the given country. In the case of Ukraine, the best player is 'mysya555' with a profit of $60,029 on Party Poker.

Russia has pretty tough players as well, with an index of $-1.26 (78,699 players, 422,408,871 hands).

Alex Kostrytsin
Alex Kostrytsin, placed second on the Russian list

The biggest fish can be found in Greece, but it doesn't really come as a surprise that the Italians and the French are also among the greatest fish in the world. Smile

Fish Top 10:
1. Greece ($-14.32, 4,919 players, 12,109,071 hands)
2. Switzerland ($-13.07, 12,884 players, 32,226,079 hands)
3. Denmark ($-11.11, 18,922 players, 50,108,806 hands)
4. Italy ($-10.68, 18,922 players, 43,567,056 hands)
5. South Africa ($-10.28, 1,457 players, 3,273,986 hands)
6. Australia ($-9.17, 33,046 players, 76,099,102 hands)
7. France ($-9.03, 55,789 players, 135,465,180 hands)
8. Canada ($-8.43, 92,762 players, 245,315,948 hands)
9. Great Britain ($-7.53, 66,816 players, 177,329,030 hands)
10. Belgium ($-7.53, 15,024 players, 40,014,062 hands)

You can have a thorough look at PTR's 'Top Poker Countries' lists by clicking here.