New VIP Program is Coming to PartyPoker

 The details of the new loyalty reward system will be released in the following weeks, including the date of the launch.

Although the announcement wasn’t planned, due to an error it was revealed on PartyPoker’s website that new changes can be expected soon regarding their VIP program. After the unintentional leak PartyPoker released a statement confirming that their VIP program is about to undergo some changes but the information that was available on their site should be disregarded since they pertain to an earlier version of the revamped program.

PartyPoker also said they will leave enough time for their players to use up all the points they gained in the old system.

The last significant change in the PP VIP program occurred two years ago when they decreased the point requirements for different levels. Two years before that they set the maximum rakeback one can get through their loyalty program at 30% thus doing away with the highest level, Palladium Elite.

Although very little is known about the new version of the VIP program, based on market trends we can assume that the extra rakeback will be awarded based on completing challenges that are personalized for a given user rather than reaching a certain amount of points a month. 

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