Ok, Viktor Blom Is Isildur1 - But What Do the Parents Say?

After Viktor Blom admitted at the PCA that he is in fact ’Isildur1’, the young swedish heads-up specialist, he soon became the center of attention. Once doing anything he could to keep his identity secret, the Viktor was finally able to reveal himself. There are many reasons for this, including the very high Swedish taxes, but this will not be a problem for him anymore, as he moved to London leaving Sweden, and all the gorgeous Swedish models behind.

Viktor Blom
Viktor Blom

Another important factor was pointed out by a blogger at Expressen.se, Sohello ’BankTheMan’ Shah, who made an interview with Blom recently. From this interview, it becomes clear, that Viktor’s parents were not especially happy about their son risking a fortune on the Internet, especially after losing his whole bankroll ($300,000 at the time) back in 2008.

"I desperately needed money, as soon as possible, otherwise I would have been forced to go home. I talked to my mom. Not my father, he wanted to have me home at all times. My mother was not so hard, she said she would leave me time and understood my situation. She said all I needed was to find a job and grow up at last. Of course, she also said NO POKER. Yes mother, no poker, I promise ... "-said Viktor in the interview.

Although his family knew that Viktor returned to poker later, he never really mentioned his online nickname at home.

"We did not know, but we guessed" - said Viktor's mother, Catharina Blom. "We keep asking him about poker, but all he says is that money comes and goes in this game, he never talks about specific amounts. It is truly shocking to think about millions of dollars changing owners every day in poker."


Now that Viktor Blom has signed with the top online poker room, PokerStars, his true identity could not remain hidden for long. The Blom parents are proud of their son, but it is hard for them to understand and get used to all the attention he is getting recently.

“He came home for a week before Christmas and said 'good to be home mom and get your home-cooked food," said Catharina Blom. How it feels to have a son who now lives in a luxury hotel and travels all around the world playing in millions of dollars, she can not quite explain.

"You do not understand the magnitude of it all if you are not familiar with the details. For me he is simply Victor, and it will always stay that way" she says.