One of the Sickest Hands of All Time

An extraordinary hand was dealt at Full Tilt Poker's $40/$80 NLHE 6-max table, where 'Sauce1234' and 'AAROOKIE' played one of the most interesting parties ever. Even Phil Galfond, experienced pro commented on his twitter this was "One of the coolest HHs I've seen in a while".

Ben 'Sauce1234' Sulsky started out with $33,739 while AAROOKIE had $42,479. Two players folded, then KidPoker705 raised to $178 from the button. This is where it started to become interesting:

Sauce1234 (sb) raises to $680
AAROOKIE (bb) raises to $1,840
KidPoker705 folds
Sauce1234 raises to $5,127
AAROOKIE raises to $9,055
Sauce1234 calls

FLOP: As 8s 2s (pot $18,288)
Sauce1234 checks
AAROOKIE bets $6,650
Sauce1234 calls

TURN: As 8s 2s Qc (pot $31,588)
Both players check.

RIVER: As 8s 2s Qc 4c (pot $31,588)
Sauce1234 goes all-in for $18,704

Sauce1234: 9c 6c

AAROOKIE takes the $67,734 (846bb) pot with his rivered pair of 4's.


What would you do if you were playing the party? Would you call the all in?

You can watch the whole hand history at PokerTableRatings.