Online Casinos See Surge in Activity: Keep Clever About Your Play

It won’t have gone unnoticed by poker players that many poker sites have seen a big spike in traffic of late, but online casinos have also been a beneficiary of a surge in new players and extra activity in the last few weeks.

We can put both instances down to several factors: The shuttered casino resorts, the lockdowns, the lack of live sports for wagering opportunities, and so on.

While many poker fans are familiar with online casinos, we also know that many aren’t, choosing instead to stick to the game they love. However, online casinos have many poker games, and the conditions of the lockdown may encourage you to try something new.

In light of that, we wanted to bring you some tips and thoughts about playing online casino. It’s an attempt to look beyond the obvious, though, and raise some issues you might not be aware of, or have forgotten about.

1. Don’t Forget the Video Poker

Video poker tends to get forgotten about these days, but it’s worth remembering that it has one of the highest RTPs of any virtual casino game. Moreover, not every video poker is the same, so check out a joker poker game strategy before deciding to play. Lastly, don’t forget that many video pokers now feature progressive jackpots online, so factor that into your budget too.

2. High Stakes Get Better Terms

If you are joining an online casino as a new customer and you play for high stakes, don’t wait around for them to contact you with some rewards. Get ahead of the game and let them know you will be playing for serious cash. If you get the ear of a VIP account manager, you can maybe start with a better bankroll and better cashout terms for bonuses. One common perk for high rollers is decent cashback on live casino games, including poker. But ask first.

3. Consider Megaways Slots

What’s your ambition at the online casino? To sustain your bankroll and walk away with a small profit? Or to get risky and try to shoot for the stars? If it’s the latter, then perhaps you should consider trying Megaways slots. It’s a design concept that has been picked up by several games developers. The upshot is this: The 1000s of potential winning combinations means massive prizes can be won for small stakes. However, factor it into your strategy that the games are highly volatile.

4. Remember the Golden Rules

So, you are opting for American roulette, huh? You’d be surprised how many people overlook the fact that the odds are worse for American roulette than its European counterparts. This is reflected in live casino games and in virtual RNG games. Check out the rules before you play any game, especially in the live dealer suite. A variation in the rules of blackjack, roulette, poker and so on can bump the house edge in your favour by a few percentage points.

5. Stick to Your Limits

As you will be well aware, casino gameplay and poker gameplay are similar, but the differences are important. With casino games, especially slots, the time idling away can be expensive. Helpfully, most responsible casino sites will give you the tools to set your play within the limits you wish. If you don’t want to lose more than 100 bucks, or you want to walk away with $1000, you can adjust the settings to reflect that. You can also do time limits and deposit limits, both of which carry a cooling offer period before they can be changed.