Our Top 5 Video poker tips

Since it hit casino floors in the seventies, video poker has become incredibly popular.

That’s because this is a game that, in relation to other forms of casino gambling, has better odds. Even better, this is a game where the outcome can be influenced by yourself, so your skills actually matter here.

Unlike a live poker game, video poker is a game that you can play both alone and anonymously. So, you don’t have the pressure nor the embarrassment if things are not going your way. There are no other players to annoy you with their comments, nor do you need a psychology degree to decipher tells and poker faces in order to win. You just play on your own and at your own pace, which is rather relaxing for a casino game. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Well, before you get started, here are a few tips to help you with your video poker plays:

1. Practice before you hit the casino

You might be excited to hit the casino and chase that elusive royal flush, but it makes a lot of sense to practice first. After all, you don’t want that holiday weekend away to be dampened by disappointing video poker results.

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There are also various online software programs and online videos that are dedicated to helping you learn the tips and tricks of video poker.

To really learn the game, opt for software like Video Game for Winners, which will let you play video poker as you would in a casino. Unlike the real game, though, this software will tell you if any move you chose is wrong, with reasons why. Practice away with software like this, and you’ll soon be playing smart, ready to take on the casino machines.

2. Always play the max coins

It might not feel like the obvious choice but playing maximum coins for each turn is imperative if you want to bag yourself a big bonus for a royal flush.

Generally, you can bet around one to five coins each hand. Many people will play low and only bet a few coins. Don’t do this! You never know when you might get yourself that elusive royal flush, and you will only get the large bonus if you bet the maximum five coins every hand.

So, if you’re after that jackpot prize, be brave and play the max coins.

3. Don’t rush yourself

It can be difficult when you play online poker to get your head around video poker machines. For one, with poker, it’s a rule of thumb that you want to play more hands to increase your winning chances.

With video poker, it is less about playing fewer hands and more about playing slower. As the more you play video poker, the more you will lose.

Just like nearly every casino game, video poker is designed to make its casino a profit, and this is something you should always keep in mind when playing. To counteract this, you want to slow down how you play, taking the time to think over every move you make.

By doing this, your losses over an hour will be less. This means you can play video poker for a longer period of time, which will increase your chances of getting that royal flush jackpot.

4. Look out for bonuses

Casinos always have promotions on, not just for video poker but for most of their games. The problem is, it can be hard to scour a casino’s website to find all the promotions or offers that you could benefit from.

So, why not use the casino live chat feature and ask? It’s ballsy and cheeky, yet it often works. Bagging yourself a nice little promotion and/or bonus to get you started on the video poker machines is a brilliant start for you.

It might take a little bravery but you should keep your poker face and remember, if you don’t ask you don’t get! With the right bonus or promotion, you will have a better chance of succeeding in video poker. You’ll also have free money that you can use to play other games, too.

5. Everybody loses sometimes

It can be very difficult when you’re betting money to not dream of those massive wins. The problem is, we all have periods of time when we win and when we lose. So, you should never start playing video poker with a NEED to win, as this will just set yourself up for a disappointing fall.

The most important tip for any type of poker – whether video or online – is to know your bankroll and to play a moderate amount in comparison to this bankroll. This means that any time you play an amount of money/coins/credits, you will not be devastated by a loss. As you never truly know what a stint of Video Poker will result in.

Playing within your means allows you to absorb any losses easily, allowing you to focus and enjoy the game.