Paul Galfond Rolls Out New DFS Site

After the announcement of Phil Galfond's new poker site last year, there has been quite a buzz over the prospect of the legendary pro bringing something new and fresh into the poker industry. Something for players, by players. However, along with the continuation of a slow-burning hype over the release of his new site, he also announced - a new daily fantasy sports site for a more sustainable market.

The site was first announced last week via Galfond's poker training site, where Phil explained that the new site will offer a different approach to fantasy sports than what is currently available with other industry leaders, where the focus is on massive prize pools for smaller sized buy-ins:

"The problem is, this creates more losing experiences for the customers you've spent so much to acquire, which in turn damages your retention - the key to the growth of the industry. It leaves a lot of new players with a bad taste in their mouth."

The site will offer more reasonably sized prizepools with fewer players, in an endeavour to maintain a healthier ecosystem in the long term.

Galfond also elaborated further on his plans regarding his new poker site in an interview on Friday with Joe Ingram; where he revealed that the site would share a brand name with his training site, likely to be called RunItOncePoker. Galfond affirmed that brand reliability is extremely important in an industry such as poker; with his current site having garnered a considerable amount of respect.

Galfond was unfortunately hesitant to reveal exactly when his new poker site would be released, though he did make it clear that when a release date is established the company would be forthcoming with all available details about the launch. He reiterated that what is most important to him and his team of developers is that the product is adequately polished, with a beta test period being an important step.

Finally, when questioned about the rake on his upcoming site Galfond told Ingram that it will depend on how the ecosystem develops, along with feedback from the player base. One thing he did mention though was that the rake is likely to go down after release, as the sites' analytical numbers become available and his team continues to adapt.