Phil Galfond continues challenge

After taking a break to reevaluate things, Galfond now returns to the tables to face his nemesis. Follow the action live!

Phil Galfond is in a massive downswing of $1 million, which is even a considerable figure for the seasoned high-stakes pro. Even though back in his Full Tilt days, 'OMGClayAiken' saw daily swings like this battling on the nosebleed stakes, in the past few years, Phil stepped back from poker and focused on his business instead.

After a horrible losing streak against online killer 'VeniVidi', Phil decided to take some time off and even considered throwing the towel in.

Galfond's been losing at a -45bb/100 rate during the challenge which makes his current losses at -€900,240. If he continues to lose at this rate his looking at a -€2.26 million loss.

Taking 3 weeks off is probably not enough to solve heads-up PLO, but rumor has it that Phil was grinding the high-stakes games on GGPoker. He's now back and continues the play against the mysterious online wizard at 5 pm CET, Wednesday.