Phil Ivey Attacked at a High Stakes Cash Game Table

According to high stakes poker pro Jimmy Fricke's Twitter feed a fist fight broke out between Phil Ivey's bodyguard and a player at the Bellagio.

During the World Series of Poker the tournament action is hyped but that doesn't mean that cash game tables don't see some of the extra traffic.

The highest stakes can be played at the Bellagio Casino - if you want to sit with the biggest names in poker, Bobby's Room is where you need to go. This year famous poker pros like Gus Hansen, Daniel "w00ki3z." Cates, Timofey "Trueteller" Kutznetsov, Brian "tsarrast" Rast and Phil Ivey frequented the room. 

It was the ten-time bracelet winner Ivey who got into some trouble, apparently, as fellow poker pro Jimmy Fricke tweeted out "Full on fist fight in Bobby's room just broke out. Was over pretty quick but wow", which he later followed up with a reply to his own tweet saying "apparently between Ivey's bodyguard and some guy in the game"

Any further details of the fight is unknown yet, Ivey hasn't spoken about the incident. He's also been completely absent from the WSOP tourney scene but was frequently spotted at the high stakes cash game tables at the Bellagio - where stakes can be as high as 3K/6K, as evidenced by the photo from Gus Hansen's Instagram account.