Playing blackjack during coronavirus

The covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption to the world. Its impact is felt by every sector of the economy, the gambling industry is not exemption.  

Many casinos were shut due to the pandemic. In fact, those that were not willing to shut down were forced to do so by government orders. The covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption to the world. Its impact is felt by every sector of the economy, the gambling industry is not exemption. Many casinos were shut due to the pandemic. In fact, those that were not willing to shut down were forced to do so by government orders.

As a result of these issues, attention has shifted towards alternatives for physical casinos with online casinos having increasing patronage in recent months. Furthermore, several popular traditional casinos have increased the number of games offered online with punters having an array of choices to bet on. Today, there are tons of casinos that offer online blackjack in the UK; you can check out an exhaustive list of supported platforms compiled and made available for you on

There has also been an increase in the use of these online platforms with the Guardian reporting that 41% of people in a recent survey carried out opened their betting accounts during the lockdown period in the UK.

This movement to online gambling has been brewing for a while and the COVID-19 pandemic just accelerated the progress especially as the novel coronavirus also led to the cancellation of several blackjack tournaments this year.

Moving on, as a beginner it can be challenging playing blackjack online because unlike the traditional method, everything happens quickly and you will have to adapt to different platforms. There could also be initial skepticism about gameplay, safety of your funds and payout methods. As you read this article steadily, we will outline some of the features that you should lookout for in an online casino.

Where the Online Casino is Licensed

Although it is not illegal to bet on unregulated online casinos, you should desist from such websites because if the casino suddenly closes shop, it would be difficult to get paid. Some of these casinos may entice punters with attractive bonuses but since they lack license, you could get ripped off your winnings.

Therefore, it is crucial to check if an online casino has a gambling license. Most top gambling sites are licensed in the UK which has one of the best gambling laws in the world with funds and winnings fully guaranteed.

However, there is an increasing surge of new online platforms to countries with obscure legislations like Curacao. Playing safely in an online casino that is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission provides that security and protection of your funds.

You should also look out for different payment features, although most online operators accept popular payment methods like Paypal, debit and credit cards, more platforms are beginning to adopt the use of cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawals.

Developers and partners

Most online casinos collaborate with different companies to improve their services by offering new games and features. These developers are the companies that design the blackjack games and have been pivotal to the growth of the online gambling industry.

Therefore, ensure you look out for the developer that is involved with your prospective online casino provider. Some of the popular names to look for include NetEnt, Microgaming and Playtech. These companies are known within the gambling sector and their games are loved by millions of blackjack players across the globe. Most times, online casinos display the names of the developers that they partner with on their homepage and you can view by navigating the platform.

Promotions and Offers

Online casino is one of the most competitive sectors in the gambling industry and several operators compete for the market share. This has led to different promotions and offers being issued by these companies as they look to gain more users.

Always check for welcome bonuses as this is a great way to get free bets on an online casino platform without spending a dime. Despite this, it is recommended that you read their terms and conditions before accepting bonuses and offers because some of them may be complicated.

Understand the different Blackjack Variations terminologies

New online gamblers typically face problems when it comes to the variation and fluidity of online blackjack casinos. Most online casinos offer variations of the classic blackjack games with slight differences in rules and procedures.

You could face more than five different versions of classic blackjack games which could be tricky at first but easy to understand with time. In addition, some of these versions of blackjack will have different house edge which could possess different ranges of difficulty. To stand the best chances of winning online, choose the games with the lowest house edge.

Most casinos allow you to play some of the games for free with limited features. You can always try some of these games before taking on the house. As with learning anything, it is good to carry out a research on the different elements like the number of phases involved in a particular blackjack game featured on the online casino. In addition, you can always read the casino’s FAQ section and blogs to have a better idea of the sort of games offered and how to easily walk your way through.

This is an ideal way to understand how the online gambling system works. With this you can easily get used to different variations before you start punting with real money. Trying out different blackjack games will help you identify the ones you feel confident of making the most winnings in the long run.

Live Casino features

A growing number of online casinos have begun to introduce the live casino option which is an immersive form of gambling on blackjacks. This is a feature where you can play different blackjack variations with real-life dealers and other gamers with whom you can interact via calls or live chat.

This idea stems from the wish of online casinos to provide the best possible gameplay similar to the physical casino experience. The feature is quite popular and one that you may look out for when playing blackjack online. However, as with other forms of online gambling, this feature is not suitable for everyone.

Nevertheless, it is a matter of preference and if you feel that you can handle the extra pressure of playing with other people, then live casino is the right feature for you since it is the closest you can get to experiencing the feel of physical gambling. Although the euphoria of playing online is not like the real experience, the bridge is getting closer as online casinos continue to add more features.

Moving Forward

It is clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new normal for all of us. You will agree that it has made casinos to think about more innovative ways to keep providing gaming services for everyone that needs it. As the world strives through these trying times, we hope you take advantage of the new options being offered by casinos and enjoy your games with no hassle.