PokerStars Game Crash

Here is a video from PokerTube showing one of the occasional cases when a PokerStars table crashes. In this particular case, all players except one are frozen out.

Definitely awkward, and there is really not much to be done, except what ’shaftamasta’, from PokerTube commented: “Copy the tournament number and send a message to support. Tell them you were frozen out of the tourney and they will look into the hand histories of the tourney that you are complaining about. The only thing they can do is refund your buy in, but if it happens in a later stage of a match where dollar figures are involved, then they have to look at your position at the time of disconnection.”

If you happen to have come across a similar situation, I suggest you take shaftamasta’s advice; simple as it is, this might well be the best course of action. To see all the comments in full length, visit the discussion forum of the video here.