PokerStars Has Purchased Cecure Gaming and is Developing Mobile Phone Software

PokerStars has set out yet another goal for the near future: they are about to create the mobile phone version of their software and have purchased Cecure Gaming, a company whose profile is the developement of casino and poker software for mobile phones.

Cecure Gaming, established in 2000, has been developing poker and casino software for cell phones and can be brought in connection with brands like Orange, T-Mobile, 3 Mobile and Vodafone. Apart from operating the games World Poker Tour mobile and Ladbrokes Poker Million mobile, they also had their own gambling brand called Aces Royal.

Aces Royal
Aces Royal

Following a very successful start, the income of the company fell back considerably by 2009, mostly caused by the economical recession and led to the board deciding to sell the firm. PokerStars jumped to purchase the company, the buying price is handled as a secret by both partners.

PokerStars definitely sees a huge opportunity in mobile poker, and several rumours could be heard in the past, stating that they had an intention of making their software available via mobile phones as well.