Preacher Killed - A Friendly Poker Game Turns into a Nightmare

Patricia Clark was a 51 year old preacher living in Chicago. Last Thursday, she visited a friend’s house in order to collect a $300 debt. Unfortunately she was persuaded to sit in on the game to give her friends a chance to win some money back.

Being a skilled poker player, Patricia managed to increase her winnings, and after she took an $800 pot, she was accused of cheating by the 46 year old host Rosie Morris. Patricia denied these accusations, and headed for the fridge to add some ice to her drink. This is when the alleged killer Rosie Morris fetched her gun from her bedroom and completely unexpectedly shot Patricia in the back, chest and head - the police say.

Patricia Clark Rosie Morris
Patricia Clark                                                       Rosie Morris

Patricia was taken to the Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where she died of her wounds on Saturday. Rosie Morris fled the house after the shooting, but later turned herself in.

Chicago police superintendent Jody Weis said that this is exactly why people should not be allowed to keep guns in their homes. She is probably right. Her exact words on the horrible happening can be read below:
“What a horrible loss of life over a card game. This is why it’s so dangerous to have weapons in the house. People get upset, they get angry. … If that gun wasn’t in the house, there’s probably an excellent chance that woman would be alive today.”

James Clark, Patricia’s husband used to be a preacher, too. He told police that Patricia was a very valuable person, donating her life to helping others (mainly orphans and homeless). The Clark family has previously suffered the loss of one of their two children. The husband described the murder as ‘cowardly’ and said that Patricia “didn’t cheat and didn’t need to cheat, she’s just very good at cards.”