Probirs reaches incredible heights

The number one ranked online player cashes for $5.5 million in the GGNetwork.

András Németh's name probably doesn't sound too familiar for the poker fans, but his online moniker 'probirs' certainly rings a bell for most of them.

The Hungarian pro has been crushing the high-stakes tournaments online and is currently the number one on Pocketfives' rangings. In addition to playing and winning every high-buy-in tournament online, András is also a regular at the highest-stakes online cash games and plays some live high-rollers along the way.

He famously took down a $600K+ pot in a nosebleed PLO games earlier this year and had two six-figure scores in live high-rollers in 2018. His live earnings currently stand at $2,857,160. Being a big winner both live and online, in tournaments and cash games across two poker variant makes Németh one of the most respected players amongst his peers, and his seemingly endless winning streak now continued with insane success in the high-roller tournaments on GGNetwork.

His current stats on GGPoker are more than spectacular: he played 592 tournaments, with the average buy-in of $7,048, with an ROI of 119%, showing a profit of $1,224,187, while cashing for more than $5.5 million.

In 2019, when most people believe it's impossible to book seven-figure winnings in a year, these results are beyond imagination. Probirs in the meantime doesn't seem to care about others worrying about the future of online poker and makes winning tournaments look easy.

It's worth noting, however, that despite his insane ROI only his actual profit is "only" $1.2 million, which is a huge number but compared to his $5.5 million worth of cashes it's only 22% - meaning he spent more than $4 million on tournament buy-ins. It's important to stress out, so we can have a clear understanding of how the actual profit usually compares to the total winnings.

This is what inexperienced players or casual fans don't take into consideration when thinking about the All-time Money list, where people stand with tens of millions of winnings. While these numbers look massive, the true bankrolls of these pros are usually only a fracture of them.