PS SCOOP Events Cancelled Due to Technical Difficulties

Twelve SCOOP events had to be cancelled on Monday after many players experienced technical difficulties. PokerStars released a blog post yesterday blaming the problems on an outage.



This year's SCOOP is not going so smoothly so far, as on Monday twelve events - for example the $2,100 NLHE 6-Max and the $2,100 NLHE 4-Max - were cancelled after a large number of players complained about technical difficulties. The most common complaint was that they were unable to re-join their table after sitting out yet they were still being blinded out. Some non-SCOOP tournaments were also affected.

It didn't take long for Stars to acknowledge the issue at least, they sent out this tweet while the problematic tourneys were still running.

In a blog post PokerStars released yesterday entitled "Making Good on SCOOP" they claimed that they were "hit by an outage", that was behind the technical issues. They went on to explain their current "roll forward" and "roll back" policies regarding unfinished tournaments: rolling back is when players are refunded their buy-ins as though they had never entered the tourney, while "rolling forward" is when the prize pool is distributed among the players still alive in the tournament at the point of cancellation, according to their stack sizes. PS says these SCOOP tournaments will be rolled forward.

To appease their users even more, PokerStars also announced in the same blog post that they're hosting a $105,000 Freeroll tournament for anyone who was playing a scheduled tournament as of 17:00 ET on May 15, 2017; and that SCOOP will be extended by one day when all the cancelled events are re-scheduled to be played out.