The Right Equipment for a Winning Streak at Poker

North American Arms and Smith & Wesson both offering mini poker sets accompanied with revolvers are not just another ordinary item to add to your poker collection, but also can save you when things get tight on the poker table.

North American Arms who is the producer of the 22LR NAA mini revolver (check the video below) and Smith & Wesson who is well known for its model 36 revolver both show case their mini poker sets in well crafted wooden cases which also contain the mini revolvers

Dubbed the “Perfect gift for the person who already has everything” both sets are truly unique in the way they are designed and are of limited editions, making them both an excellent collector’s item.

The North American Arms Snake Eyes package includes a 22LR NAA Mini revolver is a special edition featuring a custom engraving on the sides of the gun and was is limited to 500 pieces produced. It has a quality wood case which contains both playing cards and dices. The Snake Eye package has a retail price of $349.94.

North American mini revolver

The Smith & Wesson Texas Hold ‘Em Model 36 package includes a lightly engraved model 36 revolver with the gold barrel and cylinder bands. The revolver also has the Dead Man's Hand in gold on the side of it and has a faux ivory grip. The gun is a Caliber .38+P and has a  capacity of 5 rounds to be held in it. All of this is presented in a glass top display case that also holds S&W poker chips and playing cards. The whole package has a retail price of $860.

Model 36 revolver

Both guns are fully functional and offer the buyers the option to blast their way out of a bad hand. Many will think twice to call when you lay your mini revolver on the table.

Either if you are a collector or someone who is just looking for a gift to give to somebody that will be unforgettable, both mini poker sets are a must for any fan of poker.

What are your thoughts on these poker sets? I think I might be seriously considering purchasing one.