Sam Greenwood takes down $5,300 MILLIONS Main Event for $1,000,000

The Canadian high roller specialist outlasted 1,060 players to take down the title and the money.

Sam Greenwood right after his win

The last event of the 2017 Caribbean Poker Party Festival started on November 20 with Day 1a. The 4 starting days generated a total of 1,061 entries and $5,145,850 prize pool. The field reached the bubble on Day 3 after Kevin Eyster lost his last chips against Graham Ivany and became the bubble boy. From that point, the number of remaining players decreased quickly. Several big name pros reached the money with the likes of Martin Jacobson (92nd; $10,000), Steffen Sontheimer (49th; $22,500), Maria Ho (25th; $34,000) or Partypoker Chairman, Mike Sexton (24th; $34,000).

Only twelve players remained for the final day, lead by Greenwood. Jonas Gjelstad drew first blood by eliminating Michael Malm in 12th place. The Canadian got $42,000 for his efforts. Ruben Perceval followed his fellow Canadian to the cage after getting unlucky holding Ace-King suited against the Ace-Queen of Udo Erlei's. One of the pre-tournament favourites, Partypoker Team Pro Jason Koon fell in 10th place, when he four-bet shoved pocket sixes and got snapcalled by Jonas Gjelstad, holding pocket nines. Jason increased his life tournament earning to $10,434,442 with his $42,000 score.

'JAKoon' in the mix

Damian Lomza found himself on the wrong end of a cooler. He shoved pocket jacks, when Andrey Shatilov picked up kings. The board bricked out, making Lomza a bit sadder but also richer, as he collected $50,000 at the cage. Dan Dizenzo got 8th for $70,000 and Udo Erlei earned $100,000 for becoming 7th. After them, Preben Stokkan fell when his Jack-nine suited couldn't manage to hold - even though he outflopped the Ace-ten suited of Greenwood's. The Canadian spiked an Ace on the turn and ended up winning the pot after a brick river. The Norwegian won $150,000.

PokerStars' team pro Felipe Ramos took 5th place and $220,000 when he put his short stack in the middle with 9-7 suited against Jiri Horak's jacks. Horak couldn't enjoy his recently found chips for too long. He got eliminated in 4th place by Andrey Shatilov. Jiri was all-in on the button and got called by the Russian in the big blind.

Jiri Horak: Ad Qc
Andrey Shatilov: Kc Jh

Board: Kd 5h 2d 7d 9h

Jonas Gjelstad got the imaginary bronze medal after he got busted by Greenwood. In addition to the pride, Jonas also got a decent compensation in form of a $450,000 prize.

The heads-up began after a one-hour dinner break. Greenwood took the chip lead when he managed to catch a bluff on the river holding only second pair but Shatilov reclaimed the lead shortly after. Both players flopped top pair on a king high board with Andrey having the better kicker. On the river, he even improved to a straight and took down a nice pot without showdown.

The game went back and forth for a while but after a quick 15-minute break, Greenwood managed to take a commanding chiplead when Shatilov 4-bet shoved before the flop into his queens.

Shatilov: Ad 4d
Greenwood: Qs Qh

Board: As Qc Th 3h 9d


After this, Andrey still managed to get even, but was out in second place thanks to the following hand. Greenwood opened from the button with pocket kings and the Russian called with nine-eight suited. The flop came 8 high and Shatilov check/called the 20 million bet of Greenwood's. The turn bricked off and Andrey decided to check/shove for his remaining 362 million chips. Sam snap-called and took down the hand as well as the title and the $1,000,000 prize. Andrey got $650,000 for finishing 2nd.

Greenwood: Kh Kd
Shatilov: 9c 8c

Board: 8s 6s 4h 3d 5d

Considering that Greenwood also finished second in the $25,500 Super High Roller just a few days earlier for $366,850 it's safe to say that the Canadian pro had the best week in his life on the Caribbean's. He now has $6,784,533 in total live earnings.

Final results

Place Name Prize
1. Sam Greenwood $1,000,000
2. Andrey Shatilov $650,000
3. Jonas Gjelstad $450,000
4. Jiri Horak $315,850
5. Felipe Ramos $220,000
6. Preben Stokkan $150,000