Smoking Ban Soon in Vegas Casinos?

Has it ever come to you that at smoking casinos dealers are second-hand smoking all day long? Well, Wynn employees have had enough of it, and filed a lawsuit against their employer. A federal judge ruled that the Plaintiffs can proceed with the filing of their lawsuit against Wynn casinos, who seemingly failed to protect them from the dangers caused by second-hand smoking for prolonged times.

smoking casino
Is the time of smoking casinos over?

The case is interesting because Wynn Resorts LTD. wanted the dismissal of the suit, claiming it is not their duty in Nevada state to protect their employees from second-hand smoking, and they also questioned the court's jurisdiction in such a case. Unfortunately for Wynn, the judge disagreed with the the casino's legal department, and allowed the Plaintiffs to proceed with the case.

This is not an immediate win for the employees yet, but can lead to a chain reaction causing Wynn Las Vegas to ban smoking, which will force other Nevada state casinos to abide by the new rules.

Jay Edelson, lawyer at Edelson McGuire LLc, who are pursuing the case states:

"Worker safety is critical and well-recognized under the law. This is a tremendous decision for not only Wynn's employees, but also for workers at other casinos who for years have been unreasonably subjected to secondhand smoke,"

I'm curious how this thing will work out for them. Smoker or nonsmoker, one can easily understand it is not that fun to inhale smoke all day when one don't need to.