Talking about a Crisis? Let’s See how it Affects US Millionaires!

It is pretty easy to stumble upon a millionaire in New York City, according to a recently published query reasearching the number of American millionaires.

According to Capgemini, there were 667,200 millionaires in NYC in 2009, which means that every 12th New Yorker has at least a million dollars (not including real estates)! With this, New York City has officially become the city with the most millionaires in the US, with the numbers showing an 18.7% increase compared to 2008’s results.


This growth seems to be true all around the States: On average, the number of big city millionaires has risen by 17.5%.
Second place in the top 10 is taken by Los Angeles, with 235,800 millionaires.

Here is the top 10 list with the number of millionaires and increase compared to 2008:

1. New York 667,200                +18.7%

2. Los Angeles235,800            +13.3%

3. Chicago198,100                  +15.1%

4. Washington, D.C. 152,400    +19.3%
5. San Francisco – 138,300         +14.5%
6. Philadelphia 104,100             +20.1%

7. Boston102,300                    +14.4%

8. Detroit89,100                      +12.1%

9. Houston88,200                    +28.9%

10.San Jose86,500                 +24.5%